Ever wondered where in the DOM tree a certain property lived? Wanted to find that property and learn more about it? Type a property name below and hit search to find out!


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Simply type in a part of or all of a property name that you wish you to search for in the search bar and click search. Regular Expressions are also supported. This will then itterate through the Window object and return any results.

Should the property be of type Object or Function, it's properties will also be searched. Select a result to expand it and review it's properties. This will assist developers with finding the current position of the property in the DOM tree, as well as any properties or methods of the required property. This will also assist to determine if the required property exists on the current device, allowing developers to test and view the DOM tree on various devices.

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This is an experimental project to assist developers with finding the current position of properties in the DOM tree. This can also be used should only partial of the property name be known or if the property is still prefixed. This does not include any properties that are in the prototype chain in the search.

Some of the technologies behind this site are HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap, jQuery , Modernizr, basket.js ( this is used to cache all the scripts for offline use ) and based on Grep.js.